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Video Production & Post

We serve both the corporate and broadcast market with top-shelf, effective and creative video production.

From concept, through to final delivery - mmmg will be as involved, or un-involved as you need us to be.  We cater our services to your specific needs and budget.

Our name is stamped on numerous corporate videos, commercials, infomercials and television series. We have helped launch million-dollar businesses and supported countless others both large and small with our evolving technologies and dedication.

Now supplying all our clients with tapeless, High Definition, you are sure to future-proof your projects. We can supply any level of production, and/or post-production..  We have taken ourselves coast-to-coast, and worked with clients in-house on our very own High Definition edit suites.  Thanks to technology, you never have to leave your home or office to be involved.

Working Formats Include: Sony XDCAM (HIgh Definition), DSLR HD,  BetacamSP, Blu-Ray, DVD and all web formats including FLV, WMV, QT, and MP4 and just about any other format.

Corporate Video

We have supplied corporations and small businesses with video poduction services since the beginning.  Creating a promotional video for potential clients, trade shows or for internal usage has become more affordable than ever before.  We build your video like an architect designs a house - with a strong foundation.  We start with a strong script which supports technically sound and creative visuals.  Then we polish it with high quality graphics, 2D and 3D animations and music.  


MMMG has provided complete production services for a number of television series, specials and documentaries.  We are also experienced in launching pilots, reality television and sports production utilizing mobile studios and multiple cameras.  MMMG is non-union meaning we have greater flexibility when it comes to schedule and budgetary concerns.  Also unique to MMMG is our pool of on and off camera talent!  We can supplement your programs with our non-union talent.  Hosts, hostesses, voice over or background performers are all available from MMMG.

ENG  Videography

We have recently formed a working relationship with The Canadian Press and partner eStreamVideo.  Together, we have been providing videography services to clients wishing to issue social media video releases.  Social media is widely regarded as the next major form issuing PR and News Releases.  We prodvide full videography and editing services with quick turnaround - as little as same day in some cases.  Through Canadian Press Images, finished video pieces are released on their newswires to every major media outlet in the country. 

Same Day Editing

We also offer the service of same-day editing for traditional broadcast release via satellite uplink. If you have a press conference, or product launch that needs to be sent shot and edited, we can have the footage packaged and sent via satellite in time for the 6 o'clock news!  Same day editing is also very useful for events that require a recap of events to be shown at a reception, or for distribution to participants as a keep-sake.

Commercials and Infomercials

The Direct Response market is booming.  Late night and weekend programming is now dominated by infomercials both long and short-form.  Since the late 90's, we have been creating and supporting countless commercials and infomercials to great success.  Once again, using a team of experienced writers, producers and directors we are your one-stop shop for everything from media planning and buying, through to order fulfillment.  We can help set you up with everything you need to launch your million-dollar product.

Presentation/Tribute Video

We are pioneers in the creation of event presentation videos.  Video roasts, short-films, tributes for landmark occassions (bar mitzvah, and bat mitzvah, anniversaries, retirements etc), as well as event recaps for conferences or sporting events.  If you show it on a screen at an event - we produce it, and we produce it well!  Everything is created in High Definition.  Pictures are scanned at extremely high resolutions, video is shot in HD and we deliver it all on Blu-Ray.  The cities top event planners (Up & Coming Events) are recommending MMMG!  

Unique to MMMG is our flat-rated packages based on the number of pictures you provide.  We are now offering a unique referral reward program where by we will pay you up to 10% of a referred jobs value. 

A la carte Shooting and Editing (Post-Production)

OK, so you have most of your production already in place but you need 1 or 2 select elements - no problem.  We can supply your production with any of a long list of skilled people to help you out.  Maybe you need an edit suite for a couple of days, maybe you just need someone to shoot your video.  If you need a cameraman, or editor - maybe a consultant to bounce ideas off of just give us a call.   We are literally, your one-stop shop for all your production (and post) needs.

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Who We Are

A Toronto based advertising and design studio, creates successful marketing tools from strategy and concept to production and distribution.

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