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Summer Camp Video

summer camp video production

MMMG has had an association with many camps under the OCA umbrella - Camp Walden is one we have enjoyed working with for a number of years creating their video brochure, website and marketing materials.  This time around, they required a video to help promote their unique "Tripping Program".    The challenge we faced with making this video is that they wanted an "outdoor" feel - however it was the middle of winter.  Secodly, they wanted the video in time for the upcoming summer season.   We shot this entire video in our Concord studios against a Chroma Key background and then inserted summertime scenics  to give the "illusion" it was actually shot on location at Walden.  We blended that with the "wooden sign-post look" from their website to create a video which maintains the same look and feel they originally wanted, without having to wait and shoot on location.

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